Project Administration

Donna Lynch & Pam Gerdun

When it comes to project management, Donna is the master of detail and consistency. She is happy to help with any contract related questions and makes sure people are learning through the process. She is also our in-house sustainability liaison, assisting on all projects working to achieve LEED certification. Donna coordinates with the field operations team to assist in obtaining, evaluating and coordinating all information needed to complete the project in accordance with the contract documents.

As a project assistant for 20 years with A. Martini & Co., Pam is one of our most respected and knowledgeable project accountants. She understands the scope and areas of work included within the construction contract, as well as other contractual requirements. Pam works with our project teams to help maintain the project’s original budget and manage the administrative work for any approved change orders and budget transfers occurring during the course of the project.