A. Martini & Co. Drawings and Specs

A username and password are needed in order to download documents from our electronic bulletin board (also called an ftp site). These are included on the invitations to bid and are unique for every project.

Please re-check the site after your initial download and immediately prior to faxing in a bid. All addendas and additional information will be posted on the site as soon as we receive it, even if we do not send out updated notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

An FTP site is an electronic plan room that allows you to get the drawings and specs you need by downloading them from the internet. The site is very simple and user-friendly

Please call our office. We will provide you with these details once we have confirmed that you are included on our approved bidders list.

Yes. The FTP site has replaced the mailing out of CDs and drawings. Over 75% of subcontractors have access to the internet and prefer receiving drawings and specs via PDF format. It is faster, more convenient, and more efficient because it allows bidding contractors to choose any and all drawings/specs they need—no more and no less. There is no waiting for the mail to arrive; the drawings and specs can be accessed whenever you want them; and last-minute addendums and info can be distributed at the touch of a button.

Many contractors fall into this category and still happily download drawings from our site because of the convenience and speed of dealing with the internet. Upon downloading, please have your local printer print the drawings you need. The PDFs can be emailed, burned on a CD, or accessed directly from our site by your printer on your behalf.

All specs can be printed out on regular paper size and anyone who has a computer can print them out. Paper or faxed specs will generally not be available through our office. Please download them even if you cannot print out large-size drawings.

If you can get into the site but cannot get access to the folders to download there may be an issue with the firewall settings on the computer being used. Please contact your IT person for more details.

Tips on Using the FTP Site

  • To download the entire contents of a folder, right click on it.
  • When downloads take too long, start them at the beginning of lunch or at the end of the business day and they will be there waiting for you upon your return.