A. Martini & Co. is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the construction industry by actively engaging with minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses (MWBEs). As a family-run business with humble beginnings, we prioritize open communication, teamwork, and fair business practices within our subcontractor and supplier networks. This commitment has earned us the reputation of being a preferred firm of choice in the MWBE subcontractor marketplace. Our financial strength and on-time payment practices also ensure competitive pricing, which, in turn, guarantees uninterrupted project progress.

MWBE & Diversity in our projects

A. Martini & Co. is committed to breaking down project scopes into smaller packages where feasible, offering additional opportunities to MBEs and local businesses. We maintain an in-house database of qualified Small, Disadvantaged, and Minority Businesses by actively participating in local Outreach Programs.

MWBE & Diversity with our Subcontractors

Our Diversity and Subcontracting program, coupled with a deep understanding of market dynamics and labor force availability, empowers MWDBE partners to become more viable contributors to the local industry. Furthermore, A. Martini & Co actively engages with organizations such as Riverside Center for Innovation (RCI), Partner4Work, Neighborhood Allies, and the African American Chamber of Commerce to connect with MWDBE firms, provide resources, and disseminate project information.

A. Martini & Co. prioritizes hiring from the local labor force, within the project vicinity, fostering a sense of community within each project.

We also support apprenticeship programs through partnerships with organizations like The Builders Guild and the Carpenters Union, thereby contributing to vocational education and promoting diversity in the workforce. Additionally, we have worked with the FAME and Crossroads programs to provide internships for high school students interested in the construction industry.

Through mentorship and protégé programs, A. Martini & Co. actively guides and supports small MWBE General Contractors and Material Suppliers, helping them grow and thrive. Our active support for the carpenters union’s program to train minority individuals in trades includes hiring graduates, promoting diversity within their workforce.

In summary, our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the construction industry encompasses partnerships, community engagement, mentorship, and active outreach, all contributing to a comprehensive and impactful approach.