Working with our clients, A. Martini & Co. boasts a distinguished record of experience in effectively harnessing various forms of special funding, including the Revolving Loan Assistance Program (RACP), to propel economic development and community revitalization initiatives. With a diverse portfolio of projects, the company has not only mastered the intricacies of accessing specialized funding sources but has also consistently demonstrated an unparalleled proficiency in executing projects with these resources.

Special funding, such as RACP, plays a pivotal role in driving infrastructure enhancements, stimulating economic growth, and reinvigorating communities. However, securing and efficiently managing such funds can be a formidable task due to the complex application processes and rigorous compliance requirements. A. Martini & Co. excels in this arena by seamlessly navigating these challenges.


A. Martini & Co. breaks ground on the New Granada Theater after 2 years of preconstruction planning

A. Martini & Co. breaks ground on the New Granada Theater after 2 years of preconstruction planning

What sets A. Martini & Co. apart is our commitment to staying well-informed about evolving guidelines and regulations associated with various forms of special funding.

Within our ranks is a team of experts in RACP and other specialized funding programs. These experts possess a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of each funding mechanism, ensuring that projects align seamlessly with program-specific requirements.

A. Martini & Co.’s impressive track record in managing projects funded by various specialized sources is a testament to our proficiency in handling such initiatives. Our ability to integrate our construction expertise with the unique demands of specialized funding programs ensures that projects are not only completed on time and within budget but also in strict compliance with program guidelines.

In summary, A. Martini & Co.’s extensive experience with various forms of special funding, including RACP, positions us as a preferred General Contracting Partner in the realm of economic development and community revitalization.