• We are very pleased with the terrific outcome of our newly renovated branch office. Our Design and Construction team of Stephen Casey Architects and A. Martini & Co approached our project on a collaborative basis with the Howard Hanna team. With many unforeseen challenges, especially structural, A. Martini & Co. approached their role on a solution oriented basis, while considering costs and the schedule impact. As well, during construction A. Martini & Co. placed high priority on both safety and an effort to minimize the traffic flow restrictions of the pedestrians. I appreciate the competence, professionalism and quality workmanship with which A. Martini & Co. approached their role of General Contractor for our new Mt. Lebanon Branch Office.

    Annie Hanna Cestra
    • Annie Hanna Cestra
    • Chief Operating Officer, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
  • A.Martini effectively identified issues as they arose and offered viable solutions with consideration to cost, scheduling, and overall impact on the project. We built not just a building, but a strong relationship that I hope will continue far into the future.

    Erika Arbogast
    • Erika Arbogast
    • CEO, Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh
  • Collaboration and a team effort was essential to the success of this project and A. Martini & Co. certainly led this call with the various key project team members including a very hands-on approach by the company principals. Working closely with my design team lead by DLA+ Architecture and Design, A. Martini & Co. provided value engineering and design input based on cost and schedule of long lead items while at all times being mindful of the Architect's design intent.

    Yves Carreau
    • Yves Carreau
    • Owner, Poros Restaurant & Big Y Restaurant Group
  • A. Martini & Co. does great jobs on our projects. Their specialty is working on urban sites that are extremely tight. We appreciated their expertise.

    Todd Reidbord
    • Todd Reidbord
    • Walnut Capital Partners
  • A. Martini & Company was a great partner on this project. Renovating this building to meet Google’s needs was challenging. A. Martini’s commitment particularly that of Angelo Martini, Jr., helped to resolves issues “on the ground” and completes this project successfully.

    Jon Barker
    • Jon Barker
    • Regional Director of Facilities, Google
  • I have been working with A. Martini & Co for the last year and a half on several different projects, and I have been extremely impressed with their performances. I found A. Martini to be a very service-oriented firm; they understand the client’s needs and they do everything they can to meet those needs. I deal with a number of general contractors all over the country and I put A. Martini at the top of the class. You will not be disappointed should you select them as your contractor.

    • Mike Nicholls
    • Crimson Corp.
  • These guys know how to manage a schedule with high-grade results. Their experience with big projects in a tight time frame makes them a natural choice for any major project in the Pittsburgh area.

    Dan Delisio
    • Dan Delisio
    • Principal, NEXT Architecture
  • This was a top-notch project. In regards to quality of the built environment, this facility is now considered to be the leader of all of our schools across the country.

    George Pry
    • George Pry
    • President, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • We have found A. Martini & Co.’s estimates to be very accurate. I’m confident when I take A. Martini & Co.’s budget numbers to our Board of Trustees.

    Don Rhoten
    • Don Rhoten
    • President, Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
  • A. Martini & Co. was extremely concerned about the health and safety of the children on campus. They were careful not to interfere with the operations of the school. They were highly accommodating to those issues and very responsive to our needs.

    Helen Mabry, AIA
    • Helen Mabry, AIA
    • Project Architect, WPSD New Dormitory
  • Our project needed to be completed on a tight budget with a very short time line and with no opportunity for delays. Needless to say, A. Martini & Co. finished on time, within budget, and to our entire satisfaction.

    Jim Mele
    • Jim Mele
    • CFO, PACE School
  • It was a wonderful project and completed to perfection by A. Martini & Co. We really enjoyed working with them.

    • Howard Booth
    • Executive Director, Shady Lane School
  • The A. Martini Team was straightforward about our budget options and we made all of our decisions about add-ons fully informed. Safety and schedule were major concerns. They delivered what they promised throughout the project.

    Father Bryce
    • Father Bryce
    • Pastor, St. Bede Parish
  • A. Martini & Co. did a fantastic job. They brought the project in on schedule and within budget. Their craftsmanship was excellent. This was the best-ever experience that I have had working with a general contractor. We would use A. Martini & Co. again in a flash.

    Dr. Elaine Moore
    • Dr. Elaine Moore
    • Director, Children's Center, Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
  • A. Martini & Co. exceeded our expectations for this project. They were very sensitive to the design. When unforeseen circumstances affected the project’s plan, they handled the changes in a timely and professional manner.

    Dave Wagner
    • Dave Wagner
    • Co-Owner, Lidia's Pittsburgh
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