Over the past few decades, A. Martini & Co. has partnered with Central Catholic High School on both large and small projects on their campus. We have provided various renovations to existing areas, including significant overhauls of their cafeteria and the Clifford E. Brown Library. The following is a list of the projects completed over the course of general contracting partnership with Central Catholic:

  • Renovated Library
  • Renovated Cafeteria
  • Computer Labs
  • 3rd Floor/Windows
  • 4th Floor Classrooms of the Future
  • 2nd Floor Teacher/Administration Space – Renovations

Each of these projects was completed in and around the school’s schedule, whether it was over summer break, or during the course of the school year. Safety was the main priority, for the well being of the students, staff and visitors that visited the Central Catholic campus each day. It is also important to note that each project completed in this facility needs to align with specific requirements for an historical structure, as the Central Catholic High School is designated a Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Historic Landmark.