The month of March is dedicated to celebrating women and their impact on the world. As we progressed through the month, we took this opportunity to highlight the amazing women that help keep A. Martini & Co. running!

Our all-female Business Development and Marketing team includes (L to R) Elizabeth Martini, Business Development Specialist, Emily Landerman, Director of Business Development, and Rachel Casper, Director of Marketing.
“It’s already a wonderful place to work,” says Rachel, “but having a team of women supporting women has been an unbelievable experience.”
Both Elizabeth and Rachel have greatly benefited from Emily’s  decades of industry experience, and, says Emily, “they bring a freshness to our approach that comes with a multi-generational team.”

As a part of the 4th generation of the Martini family to work at the business, Elizabeth has looked most to her grandmother, Betty Ann Martini. “Growing up with a role model like my grandmother made me certain from a young age that women belong in the workplace at the same level as men, and taught me to never silence my voice.”
Our accounting department keeps us moving forward with immaculate attention to detail and driven attitudes. DeAnna Fate, Staff Accountant (right),is approaching her 1-year anniversary with A. Martini, and has loved the time she has spend here so far. “The people make this job. We have a great crew of truly nice people to work with.”
Her counterpart, Judy Poklemba, Controller (left), has “many elements” that bring her joy in her position, but she specifically cites leadership. “The owners make the effort to truly engage with all employees as extensions of the Martini family. I feel at home here.”
Administrative Assistant Bonnie Reganick, Receptionist & Estimating Assistant Brenna Luncinski, & Project Administrator Pam Gerdun took some time to tell us how they really feel about working at A. Martini & Co. too!
“The Martinis are my second family,” Pam asserts. “I’ve been here long enough to know that I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”
Bonnie appreciates the kindness of the Martinis, and says “their generosity and attitude make for a lively work environment. It’s a great place to be.”
For face of the front desk, and the woman answering all of your calls, working at A. Martini has a generational pull. “I grew up in a family with strong ties to the construction industry, so it is a gift to work for a company that has the same core values I was raised with,” says Brenna.
Project Manager Mollie Martini, daughter of president Anthony Martini, joined our team in 2017, making A. Martini & Co. a fourth-generation family business. She has since been joined by her cousin Lizzie, and, more recently, welcomed the face of the fifth generation! Mollie has been working from home with her daughter, an experience that is just another part of the family-first culture at A. Martini.
“I grew up with strong female role models, and to take their influence into the family business and work alongside the people I love most every day has been nothing short of lucky!” she says. “Working remotely has meant I can still be Mom, and also be a positive example for my daughter about the virtues of working hard for what you want.”
Project Engineer Nikole Lopretto became a part of A. Martini & Co. after collaboration on the Google office projects. Her eye for interiors makes her a powerful asset in delivering projects with the utmost client satisfaction.
“Coming from a design background and moving into project engineering has been a smooth shift,” says Nikole. “The vision of the client for a project is my goalpost.”
Want to know more about our history? Check out our historic timeline to learn more, and see some of the other women who have helped A. Martini & Co. become the community asset and dedicated constructor we are proud to be.