How does that old saying go?

Time flies when you’re having fun!

And, speaking of fun, we are kicking off 2021 by celebrating our 70th year in business!

While we plan to celebrate all year long, we’d like to start this celebration by looking back on how we got here, and what shaped A. Martini & Co. into the General Contractor and Construction Management firm that we are today.

The year was 1951. Antonio Martini and his friend, Gilbert Auel, formed a partnership – A. Martini & Co. – and began building Pittsburgh with projects such as shopping plazas, grocery stores, post offices, churches, and banks. All places that are the foundation of our many neighborhoods within this region.

Angelo Martini, Sr. reflects on his father’s mindset when it came to running their family-run firm. “When he gave his word, he meant it. When he made a mistake, he was honest about it. When he agreed to build something, the client knew the craftsmanship would be excellent.”

That mentality reigns true today within the daily operations of A. Martini & Co., built on the values of quality, excellence, and integrity.

We invite you to continue through the history of A. Martini & Co. by visiting our historical timeline, celebrating 70 years of building Pittsburgh, and beyond!