The Pittsburgh Business Times, in their May 26 print edition, featured a focus on Construction, in particular: Healthcare Construction. The focus honed in on the largest construction projects, currently in the works by local health systems across Western Pennsylvania. Two of A. Martini & Co.’s projects were featured in the edition: Excela Health’s Frick Hospital Renovation, as well as the new-construction for Excela Square at Latrobe.

Healthcare image

Per the article:

Jeff Burd, publisher of BreakingGround magazine, expects a four-year boom period for health care construction in the region, and dedicated the March-April issue of the publication of the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania to health care.

“Rarely have there been so many major projects in the pipeline by virtually every hospital system in virtually all the markets they serve,” Burd wrote.

A. Martini & Co. healthcare portfolio entails everything from small renovations in existing medical facilities, renovations and additions of Emergency and OR Departments, along with major multi-floor, multi-department expansions, as well as new, out-of-the-ground construction for healthcare networks in the region. We continue to expand the projects in this market with repeat healthcare clients. Find more information on our projects here: A. Martini & Co. Projects.

If you missed the article and are interested in the details around the healthcare boom in Western Pennsylvania, their online version is available here: PBT: Bringing Care Closer to Home or, if you are a subscriber, you can always open up their digital version of the May 26th edition online.