The family tradition continues as A. Martini & Co. welcomes Mollie Martini to the team. With Mollie’s tenure beginning, A. Martini & Co. now becomes a fourth-generation General Contracting and Construction Management firm, who is celebrating 67 years in business in Western Pennsylvania. This next step in the legacy of the Verona based General Contracting and Construction Management Company is one that many family-run businesses don’t often reach. Nationally, only 3 percent of family businesses make it to the fourth generation. Perhaps it is their effective marketing and use of an seo company that has kept them in the public eye and supplied them with new customers as the business crossed over into this new digital age.

Mollie Martini_Board Room

“I am very proud to welcome Mollie into the family business,” said Angelo Martini, Sr., CEO of A. Martini & Co. “Following in my father’s footsteps was challenging, especially fifty years ago. But the business continued to grow, as did our client relationships and it allowed A. Martini & Co. to mature into a recognized general contractor in the region. Our sons, Anthony and Angelo, Jr., have brought the company to a new level over the past twenty years, and now the door opens for my grandchildren to join us in the family business. I am very proud of Mollie and am excited to see how she grows to be part of the team.”

Mollie, who is Anthony Martini’s daughter, will be working alongside the Estimating and Project Management teams. Soliciting and procuring pricing for all projects and also working on-site during construction as an Assistant Project Manager.

“It is really cool to have Mollie here with us,” said Anthony Martini, President of A. Martini & Co. “We are getting her involved in everything so she can learn the ins and outs of construction. We want her to be involved in the industry associations that support the Construction Industry, too. Gaining perspective from others and building a network of peers – it is a really effective way to learn and contribute to our business.”

Her focus will be assisting the A. Martini & Co. team in day-to-day coordination and management of construction operational activities.

Angelo Martini, Jr. believes that Mollie’s intelligence, drive, and passion will be great assets to the organization as A. Martini & Co. moves forward and continues to grow. “I am happy that Mollie decided to move back from Chicago to join in the family business and am proud to be working alongside my niece.” Angelo, Jr., COO, said. “Our team is one that truly cares about our customers, about each other, about the company and about the community. Mollie’s addition to our team will only help to strengthen our culture.”


Mollie is a graduate of Miami University and has experience in the Chicago market working with Financial Services and Brokerage clients.

Mollie says that she had a moment over the past year where she felt that she was ready: “From the beginning, my great-grandfather had a passion for building relationships with the people he worked for. I have grown up watching my family work in the construction industry and knew I would be a part of it someday. It is an honor to now work alongside my grandfather, uncle, and my dad to continue to expand A. Martini & Co.’s project portfolio. For the short time I have been here, I can see how their passion and expertise has formed some incredible relationships with owners and operators in Pittsburgh. I am really looking forward to being a part of this legacy.”