The Martini Family, of A. Martini & Co., a mid-sized General Contractor and Construction Manager, has been named by Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh as the 2016 Person(s) of Vision Award winner.

Martinis_POV 2016

The Person of Vision award and event allow for the honor and recognition of outstanding leadership within our community. The individuals who receive this award are selected due to their significant contributions to not only Blind & Vision Services of Pittsburgh but also other organizations that make a difference within the area.

“It is an honor and privilege to be a part of Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services,” said Angelo Martini, Sr., CEO of A. Martini & Co. “Our sincere gratitude is extended for receiving this award. We appreciate that on top of the prestige that comes with working as part of this organization’s dream team, it is also a tremendous honor to be recognized with an award of such high esteem.”

Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh also featured A. Martini & Co. on their website.  Their post can be found here: Person of Vision 2016


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